Modern bathroom designs with luxury showers & bathroom vanities

Modern bathrooms or bath spaces create a clean and simplistic feeling. If you plan to design a modern bathroom, you can use the right factors to make it a modern sanctuary for comfort and cleanliness.

Two factors to design a Modern Bathroom 

  • Showerheads

Choosing the perfect shower head is a smart way to get a luxurious showering experience.

Rainfall shower heads

It is a trendy idea that brings you an exceptional showering experience.

High-pressure shower headsrain shower

It injects air in chambers to increase the pressure of water spray.

LED shower heads

They add more fun and enjoyment to your everyday routine.

Bluetooth sound showers

It enables people to listen to their favourite music from their shower head.

Where we buy the cheap & best-rated shower heads?

The shower heads play a significant role in enhancing the look of your bathroom.  There are different styles, models, types and sizes of shower heads available.   The highly preferred shower heads are LED, Bluetooth, high pressure, and rainfall showerheads. Now, people have hundreds of choices while selecting the shower head. It affects people to determine the suitable and effective shower head and that’s why kitchen bath guides is the best option to buy different types of modern shower heads. The most reliable platform provides all significant details regarding the best kind of shower heads. By using the appropriate details, you can easily make an informed buying decision without taking more time.

Automatic Showerheads & luxury bathroom vanities why important in Modern Home

Achieving a luxurious lifestyle is not a simple task because the luxury shower heads and bathroom vanities bring you the desired comfort. There are many reasons to use automatic showerheads and luxury bathroom vanities in a modern home.   The automatic shower heads are available in different types including water saving, led and rainfall showerheads. They are designed by using brass, stainless steel, and other durable materials. The advanced functionality in these shower heads brings you matchless showering experience.   They also make your bathroom look modern and stylish. The bathroom vanities are well-known bathroom enhancement ideas that make your bathroom spacious and functional.

Luxury bathroom vanities

The bathroom vanities are an integral portion of your house, so you can choose a stylish and modern one to enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom. Here are the well-known types of bathroom vanities as follow:

  • Free Standing Vanities
  • Vessel Vanity
  • Vanity Cabinets

Best and top 4 bathroom vanities and its reviews

You can read the reviews of top bathroom vanities before making any decision. The accurate product reviews help you to buy the best bathroom vanities with reviews.

  1. WLF6020-G 24″ by Legion Furniture
  2. Pros
  • Clean and contemporary lines
  • Sophisticated finish
  • Ideal for getting a spa vibe
  • Better open storage
  • Doors include soft-close hinges


  • It is not suitable for people with limited budget


  • Made by using veneered plywood, solid poplar, and fibreboard
  • White ceramic based sink top
  • Metal hardware
  • Two soft-closing doors
  • Completely assembled
  • Pre-drilled with three homes for the 4-inch faucet

Price: $282.31


This single sink vanity comes with a gray finish and ceramic sink top.  It is well known for its quality craftsmanship and exception stylish.

  1. 24-inch Bathroom Vanity Combo with Modern MDF Cabinet by Eclife


  • Strain and scratch resistant
  • Bring gorgeous and classic appearance
  • Simple to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Environmental protection


  • It is costly


  • It has modern round-shaped sleek and glass surface that make it simple to clean
  • It has strain and scratch resistant feature
  • It has elegant and noble combo design
  • It has spacious and comfortable bathroom background
  • The hinge is made by using 304 stainless steel
  • Vanity food pads are made of aluminium alloy
  • It has stainless steel slide

Price: $245.99


It is a modern bathroom combo that comes with tempered glass and vanity mirror countertop vessel sink. It also includes pop up drain and 1.5 GPM of a faucet.

  1. Eviva EVVN600-24WH-WM Glazzy Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity, 24″, High Gloss White


  • Bring high-gloss white color finish
  • Brings ample storage
  • Ensure consistency and durability
  • Simple installation
  • Always ready to fixing


  • This bathroom vanity is not ideal all budgets


  • It has two functioning drawers
  • Smooth closing drawers
  • One pre-drilled hole for sink
  • White color acrylic sink

Price: $704.08


This glossy 24” white color modern vanity set comes with the white color acrylic sink. It has a classic modern look that will surely bring your bathroom a stylish look.


Buying a vanity or shower head for your bathroom is essential because it makes your bathroom look modern and attractive.  The modern shower heads not only improve the look of your bathroom but also let you get great comfort. The modern bathroom vanities are obtainable in an array of styles and designs that will perfectly suit all needs and tastes.

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