Easy Steps to Connect Dishwasher Drain to Garbage Disposal

Dishwasher and garbage disposal units are some of the most important elements of a modern-day kitchen. Hooking both these elements up in the right manner can help you save a lot of time and effort. Here, we shall learn the step by step process of connecting the dishwasher with the garbage disposal.
Step 1: Safety First
Before making the connection, make sure that both your dishwasher as well as garbage disposal units are unplugged. This will ensure that there is no possibility of a short-circuiting while you make the connection.
Step 2: Opening Up the Garbage Disposal Unit
You need to have a strong hammer as well as screen driver to carry out this step correctly. Place the screwdriver’s functional end at the plug’s entry point and tap the other end using a hammer lightly. Do not use a lot of force or you may end up damaging the plug in an irreversible manner.
Now, use a set of pliers to remove the plug out of the disposal unit.
Step 3: Making the Connection
Get the disposal hose from the dishwasher unit and plug it into the garbage disposal unit inlet. After doing this, do not forget to jiggle the hose a little bit to properly insert it and check the fitment. Make sure that you have the right c-clamps installed on the hose before you make the fitment. After fitting the hose, tighten the c-clamp into a closed loop using the pliers.

In this method, you might also need to make a room for the air gap. Under such circumstances, use the plier to trim the large end of the pipe from the dishwasher unit to fit it into the smaller end of the garbage disposal unit.


  • If you are not sure how to connect both the equipment and have no experience with these tools, you need to hire a professional to do this job for you. In case of a wrong fitment, the dishwasher as well as the garbage disposal unit, both are at risk of major technical failure.
  • Always keep the right set of rubber washers by your side while making the fitment. Do not forget to install these washers at the right locations to prevent any leakage.garbage disposal connection
  • After installation, do not run the dishwasher or the garbage disposal unit at full power immediately. Instead, start slow and gradually increase the speed. This will ensure that your system is ready to handle any possible scenario of high pressure in the lines.
  • Always ask for assistance in case you are dealing with complicated and hi-tech systems. A small wrong connection might damage the devices.
  • Do not use the dishwasher in case you think that there is even a minor leakage.

Usually, the dishwasher installation agency will do this task for you. However, in case you do need to perform the task for yourself, you can do it by studying the dishwasher manual. The process might vary a little for devices from different brands.

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