Decorating a home with Tiles.

To enhance beauty of your house, giving it a make other can really help. There are many different choices to be made when decorating. You could consider installing quality wall tiles for kitchen or a new sink taps in the bathroom. Many people improve their bathrooms, as nothing beats a nice relaxing bath or a long hot shower. And of course one of the main features of the bathroom are tiles. So choosing a tile set which matches your shower is improtant. There are a number of manufacturing companies that manufacturer the power tool accessories you need to lay these these tiles using high quality materials and modern equipments. Ceramic and glass tiles are some of the most common types in the market today. Most of their features are very similar but there are some outstanding differences that give it unique characteristics.

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Here is a brief outlook at the pros and cons attached to each type of tiles.

Ceramic Tiles


Moisture resistance Ceramic material is extremely resistant to humidity and moisture. Hence it cannot deform or swell when exposed to high level of moisture in most kitchens.

Doesn't Stain Easily Unlike other forms of wall tiles, this one doesn't retain stains hence you can easily clean it using sponge, water and detergent. More importantly, they are odor resistant as they do not absorb smell.

Fire Resistant Fire accidents are very common in the world. Luckily, ceramic tiles are fire resistant and can comfortably withstand high temperatures without showing any signs of wear.

Mold Resistant Molds produce spores which contaminate indoor air. One of the surest ways of countering their growth in your kitchen walls is by installing ceramic tiles.

Easy to Maintain Unlike other forms of walls that demand special cleaning equipments, ceramic tiles can be cleaned using locally available materials. Be sure to wipe them regularly to prevent accumulation of debris. Also, they are compatible with green floor tiles.


Poor Insulator These tiles do not hold heat well and so they can get very cold during cold seasons. Also, they don't have capacity to prevent loss of heat.

Very Heavy Ceramic tiles are very heavy. Consequently, you will need to first have the structural integrity of your kitchen walls checked before installing them.

Glass tiles


Water resistant Just like ceramic tiles, glass kitchen wall tiles exhibit high water resistant properties. Hence, you can rest in peace knowing that no water will percolate through the walls.

Fade and Scratch Resistant Glass tiles can last for decades without showing any signs of scratching or fading if well maintained. You will need to wipe them regularly to remove various forms of debris.

Environmentally friendly Most of these tiles are made from recycled glass materials in specialized recycling companies. Hence, by installing them you will be promoting environmental wellness.

Wide Array of Styles and Designs To suit diverse clients' needs, they come in a wide array of styles and designs hence finding the best will not be a problem. Most people prefer mosaic design as it's more elegant and compatible with virtually all interior kitchen decorations.


Very Expensive The cost of purchasing glass tiles is extremely high. You might have to make some financial sacrifices to purchase and install them.

Delicate Nature Glass material is very delicate and can easily break. This means that you must be very carefully, especially when moving items such as cabinets from one location to another.

Bottom Line

Both types of tiles are an ideal choice for kitchens. If you want a long lasting solution, consider going for ceramic tiles as they are more affordable, durable and easy to maintain.