How To Remodel Your Bathroom Without Hiring A Contractor

why you shouldn't hire a bathroom remodeling

The bathroom is considered as one of the most important rooms of your home as it is a place to refresh and rewind after a long and tiring day at work. Bathrooms should be placed in an ideal location in your home to ensure you can refresh easily.

Hence it is important that your bathroom has the looks, function, and aesthetics that are needed for achieving a spacious and comfortable bathroom. You also have the option of remodeling your bathroom as it is an excellent way of giving a makeover to this room.

Rather than hiring a remodeling contractor, you can also undertake the task of bathroom remodeling yourself but for this, you will need to understand how to remodel a bathroom without hiring a contractor. This will help you save a considerable amount of money as you can do the remodeling tasks yourself for adding a personal touch to your bathroom.

Consider Remodeling Your Own Bathroom

You can remodel your bathroom for getting a look that you always wanted as you can make your bathroom more elegant, convenient and comfortable with the help of these bathroom remodeling tips. The best way of remodeling includes replacing the lighting of the bathroom because the light plays an important role in enhancing the look of any area of your home.

You can change the lights with brighter and technologically advanced lights that will offer energy saving benefits while offering ample light for making the bathroom look spacious. Instead of replacing the entire cabinets of the bathroom, you can give a makeover to the cabinets so that it can get a new and exciting look. You can also change the plumbing fixtures of the bathroom with new ones like replacing the sink or tub with beautiful and attractive ones. You can also add mirrors to the bathroom for making it appear larger than the original and this is especially important if you have a smaller bathroom as mirrors act as an illusion for making the area look appear larger and spacious.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tweaks You Can Do Yourself

There are other ways of bathroom remodeling that can be done yourself as you can install state of the art wall hung sink and toiler for offering more floor space so that it can be cleaned efficiently.

Changing The Tiles In Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

You can also change the tiles of the bathroom for changing its look instantly and for this you will need a machine for cutting the tiles and expertise for fixing the tiles for getting the desired look.

Consider Opting In For Bathroom Fixture Placement’s

You can also opt for fixture replacement which includes replacing the drawer knobs and pulls as well as the shower head so that you can change the look of the bathroom.

Paint The Walls Of Your Bathroom With A Light Color

Finally, if you want to achieve flawless bathroom walls, then you can paint the walls with light color as it will give a larger look to the bathroom. You can also add few decorative pieces in your bathroom like glassware and crystal items that can add elegance and beauty to the bathroom.

The kind of designs, fixtures, and colors that you select should be a reflection of your taste and personality and it should complement the interiors of your home for getting a beautiful living space.

In Conclusion

If you’re strapped for cash or just don’t want to spend the cash, you should look into doing your bathroom remodeling project yourself. Although it will be tougher, it will be more cost-effective. You could also consider hiring a professional bathroom remodeling company like 1st Choice Pros. Remodeling contractors will get the job done fast and effectively. If you’re are to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, ensure that they have years of experience under their belts.

Easy Steps to Connect Dishwasher Drain to Garbage Disposal

Dishwasher and garbage disposal units are some of the most important elements of a modern-day kitchen. Hooking both these elements up in the right manner can help you save a lot of time and effort. Here, we shall learn the step by step process of connecting the dishwasher with the garbage disposal.
Step 1: Safety First
Before making the connection, make sure that both your dishwasher as well as garbage disposal units are unplugged. This will ensure that there is no possibility of a short-circuiting while you make the connection.
Step 2: Opening Up the Garbage Disposal Unit
You need to have a strong hammer as well as screen driver to carry out this step correctly. Place the screwdriver’s functional end at the plug’s entry point and tap the other end using a hammer lightly. Do not use a lot of force or you may end up damaging the plug in an irreversible manner.
Now, use a set of pliers to remove the plug out of the disposal unit.
Step 3: Making the Connection
Get the disposal hose from the dishwasher unit and plug it into the garbage disposal unit inlet. After doing this, do not forget to jiggle the hose a little bit to properly insert it and check the fitment. Make sure that you have the right c-clamps installed on the hose before you make the fitment. After fitting the hose, tighten the c-clamp into a closed loop using the pliers.

In this method, you might also need to make a room for the air gap. Under such circumstances, use the plier to trim the large end of the pipe from the dishwasher unit to fit it into the smaller end of the garbage disposal unit.


  • If you are not sure how to connect both the equipment and have no experience with these tools, you need to hire a professional to do this job for you. In case of a wrong fitment, the dishwasher as well as the garbage disposal unit, both are at risk of major technical failure.
  • Always keep the right set of rubber washers by your side while making the fitment. Do not forget to install these washers at the right locations to prevent any leakage.garbage disposal connection
  • After installation, do not run the dishwasher or the garbage disposal unit at full power immediately. Instead, start slow and gradually increase the speed. This will ensure that your system is ready to handle any possible scenario of high pressure in the lines.
  • Always ask for assistance in case you are dealing with complicated and hi-tech systems. A small wrong connection might damage the devices.
  • Do not use the dishwasher in case you think that there is even a minor leakage.

Usually, the dishwasher installation agency will do this task for you. However, in case you do need to perform the task for yourself, you can do it by studying the dishwasher manual. The process might vary a little for devices from different brands.

7 Cooking Tools That Can Help You Become a Professional Chef

Cooking is an art that is the culmination of various techniques and tools that one needs to excel at, to make tasty food for the audience. The perfect blend of spices and fresh fruits/vegetables is what makes food taste so good. However, sometimes, even the finest ingredients are no good, if the method and tools used for cooking are not proper.

Here are 7 kitchen tools that can make your job of cooking very easy.

Sharp Set of Knives
Knives are undoubtedly the first item that a chef needs for cooking food. The right set of knives will help you in various cutting, dicing, peeling and slicing operations.

  • Electric Knife Sharpener
    A blunt knife is every chef’s nightmare. These knives can easily push the most professional chef over the edge. Buying a new knife for each time your knives lose their edge is not economical. Instead, you can buy an best electric knife sharpener to keep the knife edge sharp and intact. The electric knife sharpener is an investment that will cost a significant amount of money on the first purchase. However, you will easily reap the benefit of this investment over a longer period.
  • Variety of Spoons
    Everything in the kitchen needs spoons. From cooking to eating, the right set of spoons can help you look professional as well as ease the job by a huge amount. You must have the right type of spoons if you love cooking from cookbooks. The measurement of most ingredients in these cookbooks is usually mentioned in tablespoon or teaspoon metrics.


  • Complete Set of Frying pans and Saucepans
    Special cooking needs require special frying pans and saucepans. You need to have at least three to four different sizes of pans to cook food correctly. If you cook for fun, you might need to purchase an entire set of pans to really enjoy the cooking spree.
  • Grinder, Mixer, Juicer Combo
    This combo can be a huge time as well as a money saver. You can churn healthy and fresh juice right at your home without the addition any kind of additives, using the right juicer. The grinder helps you churn the spices into a fine powder, and the mixer can help you avert the condition of a bad shoulder by reducing your workload.
  • Vegetable Dicer
    The vegetable dicer is a useful and time saving electric tool which can help you cut vegetables into fine and equal size. If you don’t have a specific shape for the cut in mind, you can use this dicer to do your task very quickly.
  • Blender
    If you love baking, you need to have a hand blender in your kitchen. It can help you stir the batter as well as create a homogenous mixture of various ingredients for the perfect cake.

These kitchen tools act as your army to help you conquer a cooking expedition. Choosing the right soldiers will help you win the battle quickly and effectively.

ROI on Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water heaters are becoming a hit in the market. Different brands like rheem,takgi,are manufacturing high-quality water heaters and claim themselves to be the best. You cannot trust every brand and whatever they say. You might doubt if you really should invest in a tankless hot water heater or the old trusted models are fine. Brands might claim that they are highly energy efficient and worth the price, but are they?? Here is what you need to know if you are thinking of purchasing a fine quality tankless water heater.
The investment in the water heater depends on three major attributes.
First, how much energy will be consumed to bring the water temperature to the desired point? Second, is the standby costs, which includes the cost for the energy a tankless water heater will consume when it is running idle or on the minimal. Third, how much the installation would cost?rheem water heater
The difference of annual costs between traditional water heaters and tankless water heaters.
When you are using traditional heaters, the temperature of the water keeps dropping when cold water keeps entering into the tank. You find yourself changing the temperature settings of the shower, till all the hot water is gone. But when you are using a takagi tankless water heater, you can heat the water right when you are using it. This means, even if you use less water, you wouldn’t have to waste time warming all the water inside the tank. The temperature also remains constant even if you want to take a long hot shower. It will save you a lot of energy costs, and you can have a relaxing shower.
It can be mounted on the wall.
The system installation only takes about two square feet area of the wall. Thus, even if you have a smaller bathroom, you wouldn’t need a lot of space to fix the entire system. The look of your bathroom will also remain.
Modern houses have the electrical capacity to fix a tankless water heater.
According to research, houses with 200 amps of electricity would have enough electrical capacity to use a tankless water heater. If you live in colder areas, then houses would need 300amps to do so. All you need to do is ask the power company to verify the amount of power in your house and if you can install it. When you are selecting a product, you can check how much power it would consume.
Installation costs vary.
Even though the heater will take less space, the costs will depend on where you are getting the tankless water heater installed. It also depends on how much wiring your unit will require. The more heating elements in the heater, the more wiring it might need.
All in all, you have to consider these things while purchasing a water heater according to your budget. Water heater come with two variation tankless water heater for bathroom and check another type of water heater at Make sure the size of water heater is also according to the space you have in your bathroom. Since there are different brands; you can choose a good quality product from a reliable brand.

Modern bathroom designs with luxury showers & bathroom vanities

Modern bathrooms or bath spaces create a clean and simplistic feeling. If you plan to design a modern bathroom, you can use the right factors to make it a modern sanctuary for comfort and cleanliness.

Two factors to design a Modern Bathroom 

  • Showerheads

Choosing the perfect shower head is a smart way to get a luxurious showering experience.

Rainfall shower heads

It is a trendy idea that brings you an exceptional showering experience.

High-pressure shower headsrain shower

It injects air in chambers to increase the pressure of water spray.

LED shower heads

They add more fun and enjoyment to your everyday routine.

Bluetooth sound showers

It enables people to listen to their favourite music from their shower head.

Where we buy the cheap & best-rated shower heads?

The shower heads play a significant role in enhancing the look of your bathroom.  There are different styles, models, types and sizes of shower heads available.   The highly preferred shower heads are LED, Bluetooth, high pressure, and rainfall showerheads. Now, people have hundreds of choices while selecting the shower head. It affects people to determine the suitable and effective shower head and that’s why kitchen bath guides is the best option to buy different types of modern shower heads. The most reliable platform provides all significant details regarding the best kind of shower heads. By using the appropriate details, you can easily make an informed buying decision without taking more time.

Automatic Showerheads & luxury bathroom vanities why important in Modern Home

Achieving a luxurious lifestyle is not a simple task because the luxury shower heads and bathroom vanities bring you the desired comfort. There are many reasons to use automatic showerheads and luxury bathroom vanities in a modern home.   The automatic shower heads are available in different types including water saving, led and rainfall showerheads. They are designed by using brass, stainless steel, and other durable materials. The advanced functionality in these shower heads brings you matchless showering experience.   They also make your bathroom look modern and stylish. The bathroom vanities are well-known bathroom enhancement ideas that make your bathroom spacious and functional.

Luxury bathroom vanities

The bathroom vanities are an integral portion of your house, so you can choose a stylish and modern one to enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom. Here are the well-known types of bathroom vanities as follow:

  • Free Standing Vanities
  • Vessel Vanity
  • Vanity Cabinets

Best and top 4 bathroom vanities and its reviews

You can read the reviews of top bathroom vanities before making any decision. The accurate product reviews help you to buy the best bathroom vanities with reviews.

  1. WLF6020-G 24″ by Legion Furniture
  2. Pros
  • Clean and contemporary lines
  • Sophisticated finish
  • Ideal for getting a spa vibe
  • Better open storage
  • Doors include soft-close hinges


  • It is not suitable for people with limited budget


  • Made by using veneered plywood, solid poplar, and fibreboard
  • White ceramic based sink top
  • Metal hardware
  • Two soft-closing doors
  • Completely assembled
  • Pre-drilled with three homes for the 4-inch faucet

Price: $282.31


This single sink vanity comes with a gray finish and ceramic sink top.  It is well known for its quality craftsmanship and exception stylish.

  1. 24-inch Bathroom Vanity Combo with Modern MDF Cabinet by Eclife


  • Strain and scratch resistant
  • Bring gorgeous and classic appearance
  • Simple to clean
  • Long lasting
  • Environmental protection


  • It is costly


  • It has modern round-shaped sleek and glass surface that make it simple to clean
  • It has strain and scratch resistant feature
  • It has elegant and noble combo design
  • It has spacious and comfortable bathroom background
  • The hinge is made by using 304 stainless steel
  • Vanity food pads are made of aluminium alloy
  • It has stainless steel slide

Price: $245.99


It is a modern bathroom combo that comes with tempered glass and vanity mirror countertop vessel sink. It also includes pop up drain and 1.5 GPM of a faucet.

  1. Eviva EVVN600-24WH-WM Glazzy Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity, 24″, High Gloss White


  • Bring high-gloss white color finish
  • Brings ample storage
  • Ensure consistency and durability
  • Simple installation
  • Always ready to fixing


  • This bathroom vanity is not ideal all budgets


  • It has two functioning drawers
  • Smooth closing drawers
  • One pre-drilled hole for sink
  • White color acrylic sink

Price: $704.08


This glossy 24” white color modern vanity set comes with the white color acrylic sink. It has a classic modern look that will surely bring your bathroom a stylish look.


Buying a vanity or shower head for your bathroom is essential because it makes your bathroom look modern and attractive.  The modern shower heads not only improve the look of your bathroom but also let you get great comfort. The modern bathroom vanities are obtainable in an array of styles and designs that will perfectly suit all needs and tastes.

Install Sump Pump On Your Basement Bathroom

Sump pump is now globalized and being a part of everybody’s home because of its utter importance of keeping a home well-managed. If there is consistent water trouble in your house and your basement tends to suffer from it, sump pump will help in getting rid of all the water and in some cases even recycle it for irrigation purposes. When it comes to the point that the drain of your bathroom even stops working well, sump pump is there to make the floor dry. Here is how sump pump is going to help you.

Even if there is a little dampness, sump pump will get rid of it.

You shouldn’t let your bathroom remain wet and those days when you don’t have time to wipe the floor, sump pump will collect water on its own and get it out deep down in the pit. There are times when only a minor leakage leads to water trouble in the bathroom or the house, but if you have a sump pump you won’t have to worry about it.

It will help you even when you are out or vacation

 If you are not living in your house and there is a weather situation like heavy rains and minor flooding, sump pump will operate on its own and make your floors dry within some time. If it has a proper back up battery, it will give power to the sump pump on its own and get the pump started. If you want to really enjoy the vacation than use sump pump alarms system which give you indication when its full.You can indeed enjoy your vacation and come back to dry and neat floors.sewage ejector sump pump

What is sump pump?

In detail, sump pump has a float switch and a mechanical pump which help it do its task. You have to place the whole system in the lowest point of your basement. There are submersible sump pumps as well which get hidden beneath the pit and work submerged in water as well. When the water level will rise in your basement or bathroom, it will lift the float switch which will then activate the sump pump itself. The water will be pumped and gotten out through the discharge pipe.

Why you need it?

Any kind of mold growth inside the house leads to health problems. You don’t want to live in an unhealthy environment especially if you have kids around. In case of flood, you might need to pay so much extra costs for the damaged mechanical systems and replacement of several items. Sump pump will handle all these problems by quickly getting rid of the water and materials won’t be harmed as much. You can get it installed easily and the charges aren’t that high. There are different kinds of sump pumps available in market at different rates and you can check the price according to your budget. Just get a sump pump which assures you a warranty.